Day-of Coordination

The day-of coordination package is for the couple who has planned everything themselves, but find you just need someone to run the show that day.  You deserve to enjoy the event that you have planned down to the last detail, and you shouldn't have to worry about whether the vendors have arrived, are in the right place, or have been paid.  We'll meet with you several weeks and immediately before your event to discuss your itinerary and logistical concerns.  You've already done all the work; hand over the schedule to us.  The result:  a stress-free day for you; a fun-filled celebration for everyone.

Partial - Full Planning


Everyone needs help sometimes!  You've planned the perfect party for your friends and family, and you're starting to realize that a little help couldn't hurt.   Let us know when and where you need assistance and we'll take care of it.  Whether you're decorating the night before, need someone to pick up balloons and the cake, or just need someone to make sure everything's in place, let us help!  


For weddings we will oversee your rehearsal, be at your event, and help coordinate the after-party and/or Sunday brunch.  

All the Little Things &     Your DIY Helpers

Sometimes you find yourself doing okay with all the overarching elements of planning a wedding, but struggling with all the little things you need to buy:  save-the-dates, invites, placecards, a sign-in book, favors, favor boxes, the ring bearer's pillow, the flower girl's basket, and all the other elements that make a ceremony and reception come together.  Or you've seen all these DIY projects on Etsy or Pinterest that you'd like to incorporate into your wedding, but don't have the time to get everything done. 


Separate from our planning packages, we can meet, help you select, order, and even assemble all of these necessary elements.  Just because something is labeled DIY doesn't mean you actually have to DIY.   Send us your vision, we'll make it happen.  There's really no limit to the services we need only ask!

The Home Stretch Takeover

You're a few months out and starting to get a little nervous.  Did you remember everything?  Are things on schedule?  Instead of stressing out as the day draws closer and closer, spend the time enjoying being engaged and looking forward to your wedding day.


Approximately two months before your wedding, you'll hand off all your planning and paperwork to us.  You'll still have to do certain things, of course (like the seating chart), but those things that can be taken off your hands (vendor confirmations, timing arrivals, etc.) will be.